Man Who Claimed To Be Johnny Gosch Passed Away


There was a man who claimed to be Johnny Gosch who was arrested as he yelled out who he said he actually was (–Johnny-Gosch–is-charged-By-John-Speer-Central-Iowa-Press.html?nav=5003). The picture was well shared around the Internet of a crazy looking man in the mug shot. Sadly, several years later this man was under the care of a local hospice for Lymphoma. Is there anyone in the whole case to trust? John DeCamp wrote a book called, The Franklin Coverup, where he indicated his many roles in public, controversial cases he mainly lost. He admitted to being in the Phoenix program in the Vietnam with the future director of the CIA, Colby, who also later admitted the reasoning behind MK-Ultra was they were afraid of the Russian’s advances in technology. Fear, this is not a surprising reason for equivocating; with no moral compass except allegiance of God under country, as pointed out by Jolie’s character in the movie, The Good Shepherd, about the dark beginnings of the future CIA.

Two years later Eugene Martin was also kidnapped (, working for the same paper and under similar circumstances in that the older brother did not accompany him that day. In Gosch’s case his father, who has been heavily implicated in at least knowing about the kidnapping ahead of time, did not accompany Johnny that day he was taken. As Paul Bonacci indicated he was the first to rape Johnny. Bonacci helped procure victims for the Franklin Sex Scandal, including Lawrence King, president of the local bank in Omaha, caught up in the Iran-Contra money, child, and drug trafficking involved in covering up the dealings ( – full America’s Most Wanted show that featured the detailed abuse, and prison guard’s house in Colorado they took the children has been taken off of He also gave a detailed account of going to a place that as described is the Bohemian Grove, a San-Francisco Men’s Art Club, where an effigy of a owl is burned and dignitaries such as the Bushes, Cheneys, and Colin Powell have all attended, and even Glenn Beck, who denied that he thought these powerful figures thought what they were doing was anything more than strange fun (discussed on his radio show around 2 years ago in response to witches praying against Trump), covered it in one of his books. The S&L scandals have been linked to the cover-up that was partially covered in the movie with Tom Cruise, American Made.

This man’s family can be found in his obituary ( Coincidentally, he has a son who does not live with his mother, and did not live with his father, but in Des Moines, Iowa. For any dear reader who feels a moral obligation to protect innocent victims, and families associated with innocent victims, please do what you can to ensure the safe outcome and truth to be told, whatever it may be. The biggest thing is to pray.  If you personally now someone who can be trusted, even with the enormous weight of a corrupt local, state, and national government bad agents, who will be unwavering in investigating and uncovering the truth and keeping the safety of remaining loved ones safe, then please proceed to uncover the truth.

Is it also possible that this is someone else who was taken, and forced to be a part of the the CIA’s MK-Ultra Program. The CIA operatives have been open in how the dark arts they learned could help them look years older, completely different, and do things they do not want to do. They are trained in how to take up different identities to influence those around them. At one time, the CIA wanted more robotic type agents and this is where we get the basis for the movie, The Manchurian Candidate. Also, the Nazis were interested in twins, and these psychiatrists were brought over as part of a program to integrate the mind control program into the CIA.

Opinion Piece: Johnny Gosch

Edit Update: Unfortunately, for whatever reason the full America’s Most Wanted coverage of the Johnny Gosch case became unavailable. Not sure why, so this is only a very small clip.

After watching the “Who Took Johnny?” Netflix documentary a year or so ago(, it took some digging to find out any new information on his possible whereabouts. Of course, some will say he was killed right away and others will say he has been killed, and perhaps he is still alive. The website by Noreen Gosch dedicated to finding her son in as much says she knows he is alive but he will not publicly come out and any attempts by anyone to bring him out will not be safe for him( Isn’t the safest place to be for someone many people know about and of, in public? Staying hidden means that your death will also stay hidden meaning that your life will be told by others.

Sadly, he may have been killed several years ago. Noreen says on her site a coroner called her from Colorado to ask her about dental work he had done. Since she said the dental work was on the other side of his mouth she dismissed the coroner’s attempt to identify the body of what may have been her son. Also, when a child is taken at 12, does that mean they would never have any other dental work done since? His mother also knows that he has had plastic surgery to make himself look different.

When the persona Jeff Gannon aka Jim Guckert aka-possibly Johnny Gosch was outed by those in the press who took issue with his very pandering question to George W. Bush during a White House press conference, the question came about of who he really was. He had been a military gay escort going by the name “Bulldog” who seemed especially fond of being around Marines. When he was interviewed later he mentioned how being around the barracks where he lived then, in DC, made him feel safe( He was also interviewed by Bill Maher on his t.v. show ( Gosch or Guckert as he was going by showed obvious signs of having been programmed so that his mind was altered. He quickly looked up many times and the overall feel of his interview was of someone who was no longer right. This is beyond sad and shows what can happen to adults who have survived MK-Ultra programming. Later in another interview seen on YouTube with someone who went to his house he seemed much more at ease, and discussed his contribution to a gay publication in DC, Talon, and shared his conservative views. He even wrote a politically conservative book.

Questions were of course asked on how someone with zero legitimate news affiliations and/or journalism could get a White House press pass, and even more troubling, how he stayed so many times at the White House, even on overnight visits and/or where he was never officially checked out. Looking at the time he was taken, his Bush’s father was Vice President. During this time there was a scandal that came out in DC about Craig Spence who ran a call boy service involving the White House and Secret Service members( According to Paul Bonacci, Bush Senior, was involved with inappropriate activities at after-parties, during which Paul witnessed the Vice President engaging in sexual activities with a teenaged black boy ( Gosch has also been identified in the background as a child with other children with Bush Senior. During later years, George W. Bush, was photographed kissing the bald head of Guckert/Gannon/Gosch, but not directly as Bush put his own hand on his head and kissed that ( They both were smiling and laughing.

Bush and his wife and Dick Cheney and his wife also have attended the Bohemian Grove where they dance around in costumes in front of an owl and make mock sacrifices. This place started as a San Francisco based art club for men. Other dignitaries have stayed there as well, such as Colin Powell. Jim Carrey once joked with Jimmy Kimmel that he should know along with all the other late-night comedians what they do there and what the symbols mean. According to Bonacci, he also participated in an actual sacrifice of a young boy there at the behest of Lawrence King of the SNL scandal of Omaha in the 80s and Hunter Thompson, who filmed snuff films before being suicided so he would not testify in an investigation (

Others who knew Gosch and were trafficked with him said he was taken to someone known as the “Colonel” and was branded, as was the boy who was interviewed said he was too. This boy’s identity was kept secret. There was an evil man named Michael Aquino who was at the Offut Airbase in Omaha and had access to children during his time in the Navy ( After being drummed out of the military he came out on a daytime show to say he was a member of some type of Satanist church. This man was known to a neighbor of Johnny Gosch who says that he was forced into lots of satanic abuse by his family( He has cast doubt on some of what Noreen has said. Given that Noreen has cast doubt on her husband’s potential role in their son’s kidnapping, it seems the tangled web grows deep.

She certainly has a strange air about her, but she has had to live though a real-life nightmare that every parent would dread. When she testified at Bonacci’s civil hearing to sue King who abused and trafficked him along with many other children and teens, she admitted that she had seen her son alive, and that he had come to her door. Although she said that he could not stay because he feared for his life and did not want her to tell anyone he had come to see her, the logic in that statement does not make sense. Wouldn’t any parent not allow their child, even as a young man that he was, walk out the door without any idea if he had a place to stay, food to eat, a job, or even a friend? He was accompanied by another young man, but she said he remained silent the whole time and they had both disappeared into the night afterwards. However, it takes something that would be unworldly to listen and be compassionate to a young man who had admitted he was the first to rape her son, and helped grab him off the street that fateful day. But Paul must have provided a glimmer of hope. Hope that he was at least alive.

Wherever Johnny is, wherever you are, I hope you come forward and tell your story for the world to hear.  Assuming another person’s identity will never bring you peace.

Shalom and God Bless.