Man Who Claimed To Be Johnny Gosch Passed Away


There was a man who claimed to be Johnny Gosch who was arrested as he yelled out who he said he actually was (–Johnny-Gosch–is-charged-By-John-Speer-Central-Iowa-Press.html?nav=5003). The picture was well shared around the Internet of a crazy looking man in the mug shot. Sadly, several years later this man was under the care of a local hospice for Lymphoma. Is there anyone in the whole case to trust? John DeCamp wrote a book called, The Franklin Coverup, where he indicated his many roles in public, controversial cases he mainly lost. He admitted to being in the Phoenix program in the Vietnam with the future director of the CIA, Colby, who also later admitted the reasoning behind MK-Ultra was they were afraid of the Russian’s advances in technology. Fear, this is not a surprising reason for equivocating; with no moral compass except allegiance of God under country, as pointed out by Jolie’s character in the movie, The Good Shepherd, about the dark beginnings of the future CIA.

Two years later Eugene Martin was also kidnapped (, working for the same paper and under similar circumstances in that the older brother did not accompany him that day. In Gosch’s case his father, who has been heavily implicated in at least knowing about the kidnapping ahead of time, did not accompany Johnny that day he was taken. As Paul Bonacci indicated he was the first to rape Johnny. Bonacci helped procure victims for the Franklin Sex Scandal, including Lawrence King, president of the local bank in Omaha, caught up in the Iran-Contra money, child, and drug trafficking involved in covering up the dealings ( – full America’s Most Wanted show that featured the detailed abuse, and prison guard’s house in Colorado they took the children has been taken off of He also gave a detailed account of going to a place that as described is the Bohemian Grove, a San-Francisco Men’s Art Club, where an effigy of a owl is burned and dignitaries such as the Bushes, Cheneys, and Colin Powell have all attended, and even Glenn Beck, who denied that he thought these powerful figures thought what they were doing was anything more than strange fun (discussed on his radio show around 2 years ago in response to witches praying against Trump), covered it in one of his books. The S&L scandals have been linked to the cover-up that was partially covered in the movie with Tom Cruise, American Made.

This man’s family can be found in his obituary ( Coincidentally, he has a son who does not live with his mother, and did not live with his father, but in Des Moines, Iowa. For any dear reader who feels a moral obligation to protect innocent victims, and families associated with innocent victims, please do what you can to ensure the safe outcome and truth to be told, whatever it may be. The biggest thing is to pray.  If you personally now someone who can be trusted, even with the enormous weight of a corrupt local, state, and national government bad agents, who will be unwavering in investigating and uncovering the truth and keeping the safety of remaining loved ones safe, then please proceed to uncover the truth.

Is it also possible that this is someone else who was taken, and forced to be a part of the the CIA’s MK-Ultra Program. The CIA operatives have been open in how the dark arts they learned could help them look years older, completely different, and do things they do not want to do. They are trained in how to take up different identities to influence those around them. At one time, the CIA wanted more robotic type agents and this is where we get the basis for the movie, The Manchurian Candidate. Also, the Nazis were interested in twins, and these psychiatrists were brought over as part of a program to integrate the mind control program into the CIA.

Comet Ping Pong Post Analysis, Maggie Nixon, Barbara Bush & NXIUM, Brooklyn Pizza, & Avicci- Update: Include Richard Branson

In perusing the few remaining posts left on Comet Ping Pong’s twitter, there is a post for an “all ages” invite to a Halloween gathering. The hashtag that is the main title is “#Mask4Mask”( . According to an Amazon listing for a t-shirt that has the self-same title, Mask4Mask is about gay men embracing a life as a dog and who have “owners”( This is an article on this strange fetish behavior ( This is concerning since this type of degenerate behavior would be proudly displayed to any age child attending this gathering. With the interest in a young girl named Maggie Nixon with whom Barack Obama took a picture before his Senate inauguration, someone who commented on that picture appears to enjoy being an “owner” to a young boy or girl or very small person. It is impossible to tell based on the picture as the small person is dressed completely as a dog.  In this subculture of rich and powerful people, there seems to be a longing for some way to pass the time, and instead of turning toward altruistic or spiritual pursuits, they seem to gravitate toward the “spirit-cooking” path with the likes of Marina Abramovic.

THIS SATURDAY! Comet <3’s Halloween!!

 Maggie Nixon has not yet been identified recently as to her whereabouts ( The next that is seen of her is her part in a documentary about marine life ( at one of her facebook pages, she hasn’t posted in it in several years by all appearance. Her father, while pushing the documentary, has only one picture of her that is from the back and the same one she used for her feature photo years ago as well. Sadly, the girl she is in the cover photo with died 4 years ago according to a comment on the post by someone who says she is that girl’s aunt. The Instagram photo that has been widely shared as a throw back with her and Obama, has a commenter on the side, who is also friends with James Alefantis on Facebook. These people seem to mainly be living in DC as well. Someone had shared a picture of the girl who was bit by the Obamas’ dog, although she does not look like Maggie Nixon (

The “Q” posts seem to indicate that Maggie Nixon may have something to do with the NXIUM cult that has ties to the rich and powerful. According to a person on reddit, the recently passed away Barbara Bush was on their advisory board for children ( The interest their website talks about in regards to children is quite strange. They reject the parent-family relationship, in view of multiple caregivers who teach the children various things from birth ( This also seems to be a mode of operandi with the avant-garde type of ultra-rich or celebrities. James Alefantis was present for the birth of one of the children of the former actress in Xena, Warrior Princess, playing as Athena. Her step-mother-in-law is the notorious woman from the Wikileaks Podesta email scandals who let Podesta know her step-grandchildren would be there for his entertainment (see previous posts or google this for information and the picture of the family and Alefantis). Not only Alefantis, but Tamera Luzzatto as well,  is also friends with the same person who commented on Maggie Nixon and Obama’s picture together.

When Guadalupe White Sharks ( was released it was clearly seen that Maggie Nixon was affiliated with, not only the movie industry, but also Sylvia Earle ( Nixon’s parents frequently have posted support of #MissionBlue in their social media posts. In Sylvia Earle’s twitter account,, a media posting about Richard Branson shows that he too supports Mission Blue.  In this Virgin Mobile collaboration with Branson,, he is with Earle and others in something called Ocean Elders. There is also a video clip of various young people and himself to promote this. Ocean Elders website ( has Ted Turner, well-known globalist and population reductionist, as one of these “elders”.


Back to the issue of pizza parlors attracting and attenuating the ultra queer and satanic, mixed together. This may not be surprising considering the allowing of “fisting” during underground type gay performances in metro areas ( in looking up “fisting” this came up under the search fisting club in NYC, notice lots of kids and ping pong tables, staying open until midnight: This is considered a way of empowerment for those who have undergone abuse in their childhood, which seems to corroborate and underscore the higher incidence of child abuse associated with later homosexuality identity. This website was not perused, but the title is explanatory for anyone needing to understand what this is, although it is not necessary to this discourse: The pizza parlor in Brooklyn highlights a lot of satanic type art that is shared with the children as seen by offering child size t-shirts of ritual, satanic art work.



Sometimes celebrities find themselves in positions of danger based on their ability to be useful to globalist minded individuals who lack basic morality for the individual. The star who was known by his DJ name Avicci was found dead while in Oman recently. According to an anonymous poster who details nameless celebrities and their fiascos with law and various other drama, Avicci was actually murdered ( Although his nameless “family” was very quick to point to suicide before any non-third world or independent investigation or corners report was apparently made. Suicide by cutting the wrists with a broken glass from a bottle is a very violent way to kill oneself. It would seem the antithesis to who he was as an artist, and apparently an individual, according to his model girlfriend who said he was looking forward to having a family and was already a dad to her son from a previous relationship. He made a very poignant video about elite pedophilia a couple of years ago( Knowing how strongly he felt, it may not have been unusual for him to intervene in a situation that appeared to be a predator/young girl situation. Oman has recently had issues with girls as young as 15 being sold across their border with little they can or seemingly want to do about the situation.


Comet Pizza Reviews…& A Transformer Review

Looking through the reviews, listing all the references, both innocuous and somewhat suspect that relate to the many children “running around” Comet Pizza. Also, the strangeness of the bathrooms is well-documented by these reviewers.

Yong KwonDecember 10, 2014
Pretty good pizza. Especially for DC. Lots of kids.
paigeJune 1, 2014

Fun pizza but dirty restaurant and both rooms 👎
Kurt JMarch 14, 2014

The only difference between here and Chuckie Cheese’s is a guy in rat costume. Too many screaming children. WAH.
KimAugust 31, 2013

Great pizza and salad. Bathrooms are not labeled. You have to push on the wood doors.
SarahJuly 25, 2013

Really great pizza. You might not get a ping-pong table in the early evening hours, though, with all the little ones.
Shawn CaseApril 29, 2011
Come after 9pm for fewer rug rats. Great pizza and beer list!
jeffery k.
jeffery kissingerMarch 6, 2012
The bathrooms are tricky, look for wooden doors without handles inside a room with cages
Stephanie CJanuary 30, 2012
Lots of kids – go after 7 pm. Try the smoke-theme pizza. With a tin roof sundae.
Mike ReidMay 26, 2012
Disappointed. Buffalo wings were mushy not crispy. Pizza was marginal to below. Calzone was dry. Based on the Triple D FN episode, I expected so much more. Mystery bathrooms were the hi-lite.
Nancy E.
Nancy EdwardsJanuary 13, 2013
Been here 5+ times
House of pain Bloody Mary is zippy.
Rapiszal R.
Rapiszal RusliMarch 3, 2016
pizza kepak ayam hahahaha
Krista F.
Krista FrancisJanuary 21, 2011
The bathrooms are not marked. Look for a dark unfinished wall and push in. Very secret.ii
AlexanderJuly 10, 2011
this place puts chuck e cheese out of business. Never seen so many kids in a bar.
sweetpearacer4 days ago
Pricey, but the pizza lives up to the hype. Three ping pong tables and a foosball table are free for use. Note: Popular with families, so avoid if you dislike kids.

Yelp Reviews


Photo of Comet Ping Pong - Washington, DC, United States. Wood for oven stacked near kitchen.

This appears to be near the “hidden bathrooms”.

Photo of Comet Ping Pong - Washington, DC, United States. Waiting area outside the hidden bathrooms. Cool decor.

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  • 25
Waiting area outside the hidden bathrooms. Cool decor.
Photo of Comet Ping Pong - Washington, DC, United States. Unisex restroom doors
Unisex restroom doors
October 30, 2013
Transformer next to a barber shop in D.C.
Interesting comment from a local guide who visited this obscure museum, with not much ‘art work’.

Family of the Children of Wikileaks: Luzzattos

 The Luzzattos


The children who are most noted on the Wikileaks Pedogate dump are those of the Luzzattos. First, who are they and who are they related to? The farm where Mary Podesta and her husband John were invited to for an annual gathering is in Lovettsville, Va ( It is owned by Tamera Stanton Luzzatto and David Leiter, her husband. Tamera kept her previous married name as the widow of Francis Luzzatto, who died October 19, 1999. They were married for three years before his death and had no children from their marriage ( She was the step mother to Benjamin and Marisa Luzzatto, whose mother is Anne Luzzatto. She has also maintained her last name. Benjamin is married with three daughters, who would be the children mentioned in their step-grandmother, Tamera’s email, as being in the hot tub. His book, “The Theory of Everything, Abridged”, is being sold at and mentions the fact that they have three children.

Francis Luzzatto was involved in high levels of government, being an officer in AID and program director for Head Start, a program that enrolls children from low-income levels to start school before Kindergarten. His son Benjamin has followed  in his late-father’s foot steps, teaching art at the university level and himself an artist who has also made some art for children, like his father as well. He has made some organic “aminals” that children can play with and also dispose of in the earth when done. His other work appears to be with environmental engineering. This can be seen at


credit: (Edit is mine because I will not share pictures of any type of child nudity.)

This child above is Emerson, the one who was mentioned to be 9 in the Wikileaks email by her step-grandmother. The children’s mother, Alexandra Tydings of former Xena, Warrior Princess fame, who played Aphrodite (, is said to have two children. It is unclear why Maeve is not mentioned, her last child and also mentioned as being in the hot tub. In this story of her home birth of Maeve (, James Alefantis is apparently present for the birth. A more updated picture of her is on her website,, and details some of her recent work.


photo credit: All three Luzzatto children with Alefantis, possibly the ones she refers to as “Skip” in her birth story.

Tamera’s other step-child, Marisa Luzzatto Neaville, has also had a daughter, by the name of Evelyn( . Tamera put up the now infamous Evie’s crib (, where this infant could be viewed by invited “readers” to get a live stream of her crib. This post that was archived is from November 17, 2009.

eb91c0954d1917fdff53643c2b2fe1a8866444c6.jpg credit: Evie’s Crib,

Tamera Luzzatto has many influential friends and has held important positions, such as being Senator Killary’s chief-of-staff ( Here she is with Heather Podesta, now former wife of Tony Podesta, whose love of the violent art is well-known.

watermark.php Credit:

In addition to her job working with the Pew Trust, she is also on a board at the Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church.

Two years after the death of her husband Francis, she married David Leiter. Their wedding was covered in a New York Times article, At the time, he was a VP of a group for a Boston law firm (

According to credible research done by this user on steemit,, the biological grandmother Anne is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. A picture of her with her grandchildren appears to show one or more of Benjamin’s daughters with her in Venice, along with other grandchildren. The article also goes on to give the positions of Tamera’s husband as well. Her name appears on their roster, In this release in 2002, the following announcement was made:

Gelb also announced that Anne Luzzatto, Vice President of the Council’s New York Meetings Program, will be Acting Director of the Washington Program for a transitional period. Nancy Bodurtha, Associate Director of Meetings in New York will assume greater operational duties during this interim period in New York. (

The one who was to be the “Uber service” for the step-grandchildren, Bonnie Levin, is a VP at MedStar Health in D.C. ( According to this research, she was also Podesta’s ex-wife (, but have not verified if this information is correct. However, what is speculated is that with her background experience at the Poison Control Center she would have access and knowledge in certain drugs and their effects.

On Facebook, there is a connection between Alexandra Tydings Luzzatto, now just Alex Tydings, and Bonnie Levin and Tamara. and Tamera tags Alex in a comment on food, and she also comments on a picture of Bonnie on her page:

Many people see Thanksgiving leftovers as too much of a good thing and toss them out. Vinnie Bevivino wants those uneaten castoffs and more — he sees a chance…




So, first, for those who haven’t seen this yet, there was a quick blurb on the American news network about State Department cover-up while Clinton was running it. Here is the link: This is an article detailing previous cover-ups with scandals by those working with or for State Department in 2012: And in case anyone wants it from Fox News as well, here is an article:

Now, there is a great video from a journalist who is being interviewed in this video on when, how and what he knows about Pedogate:

If you find this disgusting, please sign one of the petitions, such as this one: More than anything, please pray and fight this disease! Spread the word! Don’t overcome evil with evil, overcome evil with good! Peace!

Picture Credit:

Podestas & Beanie Babies & Pizza




This is an email that was circulated within the Georgetown staff that led some pizzagate researchers to believe this was also related to Pedogate. Here is the email about selling the beanie babies: There has been some discussion on reddit on its actual  meaning and that the image shared on the email was from another site, and taken a year previous: The fact that this picture was not an original photo for the email means the content of the email was a joke or something else. It has been pointed out that no one who is interested in Beanie Babies describes them in this manner.

This email was sent by Peter Mattingly. He seems to be a very bright young man as he has suceeded in complex majors and intense programs as seen by his LinkedIn page. He is currently still listed as on staff at Georgetown Criminal Justice Clinic,, even though he has completed a program at NYU,

John Podesta is still listed on Georgetown as a distinguished visitor: Naturally, his office is in the same building and floor as the office where Mattingly works/ worked.

Moving on to other possible strange emails, this one may be one of the  most revealing on the Podestas use of pizza as a code word. Please click on the attachment to see the photo of the two Asian women with a small white child eating pizza together. It’s also interesting that Huma Abedin is included in this email.


“As John said, it doesn’t get any better than this”

In planning a pizza party for Hillary Clinton, Maya Harris is included. She was hired by Hillary during her campaign. She is the sister of Kamal Harris of SF Maya’s tie to Podesta is that she worked at the Podesta founded Center for American Progress Kamal was also endorsed by then President Obama Ironically, it states in the aforementioned article that she started the first Child Sexual Assault unit for the office she worked in. Finally, this is the email in question that discusses the need for John to be at this pizza party, not just Maya:

RE: Hillary pizza party April 10

Opinion Piece: Johnny Gosch

Edit Update: Unfortunately, for whatever reason the full America’s Most Wanted coverage of the Johnny Gosch case became unavailable. Not sure why, so this is only a very small clip.

After watching the “Who Took Johnny?” Netflix documentary a year or so ago(, it took some digging to find out any new information on his possible whereabouts. Of course, some will say he was killed right away and others will say he has been killed, and perhaps he is still alive. The website by Noreen Gosch dedicated to finding her son in as much says she knows he is alive but he will not publicly come out and any attempts by anyone to bring him out will not be safe for him( Isn’t the safest place to be for someone many people know about and of, in public? Staying hidden means that your death will also stay hidden meaning that your life will be told by others.

Sadly, he may have been killed several years ago. Noreen says on her site a coroner called her from Colorado to ask her about dental work he had done. Since she said the dental work was on the other side of his mouth she dismissed the coroner’s attempt to identify the body of what may have been her son. Also, when a child is taken at 12, does that mean they would never have any other dental work done since? His mother also knows that he has had plastic surgery to make himself look different.

When the persona Jeff Gannon aka Jim Guckert aka-possibly Johnny Gosch was outed by those in the press who took issue with his very pandering question to George W. Bush during a White House press conference, the question came about of who he really was. He had been a military gay escort going by the name “Bulldog” who seemed especially fond of being around Marines. When he was interviewed later he mentioned how being around the barracks where he lived then, in DC, made him feel safe( He was also interviewed by Bill Maher on his t.v. show ( Gosch or Guckert as he was going by showed obvious signs of having been programmed so that his mind was altered. He quickly looked up many times and the overall feel of his interview was of someone who was no longer right. This is beyond sad and shows what can happen to adults who have survived MK-Ultra programming. Later in another interview seen on YouTube with someone who went to his house he seemed much more at ease, and discussed his contribution to a gay publication in DC, Talon, and shared his conservative views. He even wrote a politically conservative book.

Questions were of course asked on how someone with zero legitimate news affiliations and/or journalism could get a White House press pass, and even more troubling, how he stayed so many times at the White House, even on overnight visits and/or where he was never officially checked out. Looking at the time he was taken, his Bush’s father was Vice President. During this time there was a scandal that came out in DC about Craig Spence who ran a call boy service involving the White House and Secret Service members( According to Paul Bonacci, Bush Senior, was involved with inappropriate activities at after-parties, during which Paul witnessed the Vice President engaging in sexual activities with a teenaged black boy ( Gosch has also been identified in the background as a child with other children with Bush Senior. During later years, George W. Bush, was photographed kissing the bald head of Guckert/Gannon/Gosch, but not directly as Bush put his own hand on his head and kissed that ( They both were smiling and laughing.

Bush and his wife and Dick Cheney and his wife also have attended the Bohemian Grove where they dance around in costumes in front of an owl and make mock sacrifices. This place started as a San Francisco based art club for men. Other dignitaries have stayed there as well, such as Colin Powell. Jim Carrey once joked with Jimmy Kimmel that he should know along with all the other late-night comedians what they do there and what the symbols mean. According to Bonacci, he also participated in an actual sacrifice of a young boy there at the behest of Lawrence King of the SNL scandal of Omaha in the 80s and Hunter Thompson, who filmed snuff films before being suicided so he would not testify in an investigation (

Others who knew Gosch and were trafficked with him said he was taken to someone known as the “Colonel” and was branded, as was the boy who was interviewed said he was too. This boy’s identity was kept secret. There was an evil man named Michael Aquino who was at the Offut Airbase in Omaha and had access to children during his time in the Navy ( After being drummed out of the military he came out on a daytime show to say he was a member of some type of Satanist church. This man was known to a neighbor of Johnny Gosch who says that he was forced into lots of satanic abuse by his family( He has cast doubt on some of what Noreen has said. Given that Noreen has cast doubt on her husband’s potential role in their son’s kidnapping, it seems the tangled web grows deep.

She certainly has a strange air about her, but she has had to live though a real-life nightmare that every parent would dread. When she testified at Bonacci’s civil hearing to sue King who abused and trafficked him along with many other children and teens, she admitted that she had seen her son alive, and that he had come to her door. Although she said that he could not stay because he feared for his life and did not want her to tell anyone he had come to see her, the logic in that statement does not make sense. Wouldn’t any parent not allow their child, even as a young man that he was, walk out the door without any idea if he had a place to stay, food to eat, a job, or even a friend? He was accompanied by another young man, but she said he remained silent the whole time and they had both disappeared into the night afterwards. However, it takes something that would be unworldly to listen and be compassionate to a young man who had admitted he was the first to rape her son, and helped grab him off the street that fateful day. But Paul must have provided a glimmer of hope. Hope that he was at least alive.

Wherever Johnny is, wherever you are, I hope you come forward and tell your story for the world to hear.  Assuming another person’s identity will never bring you peace.

Shalom and God Bless.

Jeff Koons: Perversion Art & Ties to Clintons & Missing Children & Haiti

In this article,, by the Hyperallergic website about museum guards there was a photograph of what appears to be a young girl and an adult male in a sexual position.It is very graphic and pornographic in nature. This was done in 1989 as part of a “Made in Heaven” exhibit with an Italian porn star who later became his wife ( Although this was assumed to be his wife, the proportions of the young girl in question do not  appear to be that of an adult female or the Italian porn star he asked to do this with, but this is not confirmed. Alefantis’ post on his Instagram that contains this photograph from the museum is below. (Has been edited to remove the pornographic part.)




As an aside it also can be seen here that “mr_scott_cummings” uses German to say he is pleased or it pleases me, depending on which translation is correct ( for the two children that are in a lot of James Alefantis’ posts, as he says he is the godfather of at least one of them, that goes by #caris and sometimes #carisjames for perhaps when he takes her places. She is seen with Euro dollars that she has put in her mouth as when the picture was taken she was between 1 and 2 years old. Alefantis says the money is hers. The account to is now private but contained images that involved interactions with teens and photos of children that looked highly inappropriate.


Identified as Scott Cummings. According to some researchers at voat (, they were able to find this interview with him which bears some resemblance to the above picture, but much younger. His favorite day is April 25, which is the picture he commented on of the girl in the yellow dress, and is Alice Day. Use your imagination for that one.





Koons is heavily involved with the Clintons, in fact she gave him a medal for international exchange for the arts ( and he also endorsed her for president because he said she would do more for the art world. According to the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, Jeff Koons and his Koons Family Institute is heavily involved in this organization. In part this was due to his ex-wife, whom he posed with for his sexual art in 1989, taking their son and never finding him again. This is the official website for this organization:

Because of Laura Silsby being caught, it came out that the Clintons had deep ties to her and her organization that tried to traffick children out of Haiti, and was finally able to be charged the second time. This was about the New Life Children’s Refuge, and later a student named Monica Petersen was ‘suicided’ while investigating the role of the Clinton foundation as part of her research for her thesis (here is some testimony she gave while a research fellow at the Human Trafficking Center:$FILE/15SenJud0128AttachE.pdf).  A very interesting statement made in the Wall Street Journal report on this matter states that “Steve McMullen, a longtime friend of the Sander family in Idaho, said he spoke by phone to Ms. Silsby while she was in the Dominican Republic, and that during the call she said she was in a government office registering the names of the children her group was intending to bring back into the country from Haiti.” ( And goes on to discuss how trafficking children in Haiti is something that has been and continues to be an on-going problem.

Laura Silsby is now married and goes by the name Laura Gayler. Interestingly enough she worked for a company called Alert Sense, who help with Amber Alert system ( Perhaps because of the reporting on this the website shows her no longer as VP of marketing (




Comet Ping Pong Art: Arrington de Dionyso

The controversy surrounding Arrington de Dionyso came about when some Reddit and 4 chan users found an old image of his mural from 2010 that he had painted at Comet Ping Pong.



According to an interview with Arrington on 42 minutes at Sync Book (, he asked to paint the mural the day before his band played the next day. He was given a ‘token’ amount of money and the paint to use. He explained to Douglas Bolles that Pizzagate came from trolls on Reddit and 4chan who looked through Podesta’s emails. According to his explanation some people in the Democratic party were careless with their email passwords and clicked on what was a phishing scam.

Although only having been there two times, he was able to confirm that there is no basement, despite Alefantis saying that is where they store their produce. However it is possible Alefantis was referring to his other restaurant, Buck’s Fishing and Camping nearby. He goes on to say it is fine dining pizza restaurant with all ages concerts, and this is confirmed by how Comet Pizza has always advertised their concerts. Also, he says that the concert part is a separate venue, but that you have to go through the restaurant to get to it.

In 2011, one year later, the restaurant had to paint over his mural because three ping-pong tables are moved out during the day, and all the balls hitting the wall eventually chipped away the paint. Since this was the first time he had painted a mural, he credited the “magical experience” with changing his art in making a painting of that size for the first time.

He explained that this art, to him, was fairly “innocuous” and that it had nothing to do with Satanism. Art, he said, is ambiguous and open to interpretation, although he never explained what the mural was actually supposed to be to him, except to say that he had painted a mythological landscape. In looking at his other art, it is highly sexual and he even admits to viewing sex as a way to open ones eyes and learn more about the universe, but that he only paints “consenting adults”.



In his band camp page (  it appears that almost all of his art is sexual in nature and that he does indeed view sexual orgies and experiences as a way of life in some type of new age way. Although he says he never depicts children, it does appear that the following image could be construed as two children’s heads being exchanged over a decapitated body and right below the neck appears to possibly be a drawing of a private part of a woman’s body.



Interestingly enough, he labels this as more of an alt-right and neo-nazi type of witch hunt reminiscent of McCarthyism. This is because he perused sites where internet users were asking others to look for all age type concert venues, “safe places” he calls them, where nefarious activities may be going on according to them. However, he believes that Comet Pizza is not one of these “warehouse” type locations where illegal activities may be going on. He is very supportive of all ages venues as he benefited from going to actual art museums as a child, and here is his tweet announcing this concert as all ages:


Many of his concerts are announced as all ages according to his twitter account (


More photos of him and one with a couple young people making masks in a sketchy basement or some such room like that.