Hot dog email plus malware sites logged



Using the Stratfor group have been such heavy hitters as Lockheed Martin, according to what Wikileaks has said about the email group entitled, Global Intelligence Files. The two links will be below. The first link shows within its files database a link that has Obama’s name in it with reference to a possible pajama party. Please do not click on the links listed from the malware irl gathering website. That is the warning they give as well. It is merely being shown so that it can further be documented what the name of the title is again. The last link shows who was excited for the pizza/dog party and how much it cost.

Holy Shit Dude – MalwareDomainList offers their full db as a free DL

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RE: Get ready for “Chicago Hot Dog Friday”

Released on 2012-10-19 08:00 GMT

Email-ID 1223066
Date 2009-05-14 21:50:25
RE: Get ready for “Chicago Hot Dog Friday”

If we get the same “waitresses,” I’m all for it!!!

Aaric S. Eisenstein


SVP Publishing

700 Lavaca St., Suite 900

Austin, TX 78701


512-744-4334 fax


From: Fred Burton []
Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2009 2:39 PM
To: ‘Don Kuykendall’
Cc: ‘Aaric Eisenstein’; ‘Darryl O’Connor’; ‘Copeland Susan’
Subject: RE: Get ready for “Chicago Hot Dog Friday”
I think Obama spent about $65,000 of the tax-payers money flying in
pizza/dogs from Chicago for a private party at the White House not long
ago, assume we are using the same channels?


From: Don Kuykendall []
Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2009 1:59 PM
To: ‘stratforaustin’
Subject: Get ready for “Chicago Hot Dog Friday”
To celebrate all you hot dogs out there. Aaric, you can participate as

Don R. Kuykendall
512.744.4314 phone
512.744.4334 fax

700 Lavaca
Suite 900
Austin, Texas 78701

This is for the survivors and and victims…


“If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together… there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart… I’ll always be with you.”

– From the Winnie the Pooh book, by A.A. Milne

Even if no one seems to listen, we may be small, but we are a mighty army. Even more people than that will stand by your side and defend you when they hear your words of truth…

Hear my words that I may teach you- Simon & Garfunkel “Sounds of Silence”


But ultimately it is the Lord who will be with you always..He has promised us He will neither leave us nor forsake us, even unto the ends of the earth. -Deuteronomy 31:6; Isaiah 41:10; Matthew 28:20.

One day there will be an end to investigations and theories and evil. What will remain is love- the greatest of all.


Love never ends. As for prophecies, they will pass away; as for

tongues, they will cease; as

for knowledge, it will pass away.

I Cor 13:8


If there’s anything I can do to help or ideas you

have, send me a message.





The Podestas & PedoGate: Part 1

“..treacherous people have an appetite for violence.” – Proverbs 13:2b NLT

Note: This is not a political witch-hunt. Many Republicans have also been accused and convicted of pedophilia. It is more accurate to say Pedogate not Pizzagate.

The Podestas come up in PizzaGate because of the release of John Podesta’s emails in October, directly after the release of the Access Hollywood video release of Trump on a hot mic, which have strange coded language. John and Tony Podesta are brothers heavily involved in D.C. politics. Tony and his wife, Heather divorced in 2014 (; a year before they split during which time Tony accused her of trying to get more money and keep museums from accepting donations from him. They did not have any children, and by all account Tony has no children. John and Mary Podesta have one child as listed on his Wikipedia page, as Megan Rouse. However, in the obituary for Mary Podesta, Tony and John’s mother, two other children are listed as grandchildren, Gabe and Mae Podesta ( Gabe and Mae Podesta are in some of the Podesta Wikileaks emails, one of which talks about his deployment to Afghanistan and includes most of his immediate family, including Tony ( Gabe has his own site in which he talks about his opinions, and also states he is the son of John Podesta ( In one of the emails she refers to John as her dad to her mom, Mary, so it is clear she is his daughter ( Later in the Wikipedia bio it does state he has three children, but no details on when he was married or when his children were born are given. Megan Rouse (her married name) is the only name that shows up as his daughter on a google search preview. Her parent is John Podesta, but no mother’s name is given. In another Wikileaks email, Gabe appears to be hoping he will not get in trouble for the position John is putting him and his other two siblings in as either holders or something of Leonidio Holdings ( She is seen in a picture with her father John, Mary and Barack Obama in the Whitehouse (


John Podesta was the chief of staff for Bill Clinton for a period during his presidency, and advisor to Obama during his. In an interview with Time in 2016 (, he was running and orchestrating Hillary’s campaign. When he was in the Bill Clinton White House his job was also “handling the scandals of Bill Clinton’s first term.” Much of which is common knowledge involved many of Clinton’s verified and alleged affairs and sexual harassment or worse. In this same article is the mention of Podesta’s ominous oil painting, saying “it’s better to be the guy with the fork, than the guy on the table.” (see for the image, along with others from Abramovic and quotes by her). According to an article by the Washington Post, Podesta was “an informal advisor to Obama for years and ran his transition team”; in addition, to helping Obama get around Congress by developing a playbook that included using executive power, so as not to have to work with Congress (


They also have ties to Marina Abramovic who is a performance artist who has planned, directed, and painted Satanic ritual words with blood on a white wall and dumped blood or plasma along the walls and on a small statue or mummy the size of a small child ( In her spirit cooking book, she describes strange rituals with body fluids, like breast milk, sperm, urine and blood. Of note is the direction “with a sharp knife cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand eat the pain”.

In this email Tony said Marina wanted to know if John or Mary might be joining the spirit cooking dinner he is hosting in his home ( This is the link to the photo of John Podesta showing support for the climate change agenda with a 14 and a fish written on his hands ( On his right hand little finger, there appears to be some type of scarring, perhaps from the surgery he had in 2014. On the arm is a straight scar several inches long. On his left-hand index finger is a scar shaped somewhat like a ‘y’.


In another association of sickening people, an email was circulated amongst the democrats working on Clinton’s 2016 election bid about an article in the Daily Caller, Exclusive: Major Clinton Donor Faces ‘Criminal Profiteering’ Charges by Richard Pollock ( The relationship between Clinton and Podesta and the dirty doctor, Wyss, was determined to be quite close to the latter, especially. Clinton accepted millions from him to her foundation. Podesta accepted “millions from Wyss and put him on CAP’s (Center for American Progress, founded and ran by Podesta) board of directors.” In likewise suit, Podesta was paid by Wyss to be one of his paid consultants to his own foundation. Wyss was guilty of illegally, and without consent, injecting a drug into his patients. While his patients died, it wasn’t until the third one that he reported it. He was guilty of a similar racketeering drug and money scheme in 2011, but escaped jail time from the Department of Justice who were one of the ones working the case.

Tony Podesta is likewise just as powerful as his brother, and very wealthy. They founded the Podesta Group together in 1988, which was first called Podesta Associates, Inc ( This business is a “government relations and public affairs firm.” He and his brother are known to be avid culinary cooks, and their mother was very influential in this. According to an article on their mother’s death, Tony is described as “a Washington public affairs strategist.” She also hosted dinners that raised lots of money for democrats ( Interestingly enough, her eldest son said she adopted 25 people when she moved to DC from Illinois after her husband’s death in the 80s.

In the Washington Life article on Tony’s home, featured his house design and collection of art. Since the first artist it mentions is Biljana Djurdjevic, it is important to see what art she features ( At there are paintings of children and a baby in very disturbing light and posture. Her art features violence involving children, usually painted to show more violence about to happen and/or already happened ( This artist is quite loved by Tony Podesta, along with his ‘arc of frenzy’ 2,000 lb bronze sculptor suspended from the ceiling, so proud of it that he posed for a picture near it (. The posture of the sculpture shows a person in serious distress, but also reminiscent of how Dahmer posed his unfortunate victim. The sculptor in Louise Bourgeois who fashioned this in 1993, and Dahmer was caught in 1991. He also talked about having lots of pizza parties with James Alefantis helping with the food, and talked about him as a friend.


“Very Good

I’m seated with the kids so little wired”


#Killroom #JimmyComet


She was practiced at the art of deception.  Well I could tell by her blood stained hands.

-You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Rolling Stones.

These lyrics are always standing out at what some do to get and keep their guilt unknown and power unabashed.

One of the most disturbing posts from James Alefantis, AKA Jimmy Comet, on his Instagram is the kill room post he made and all the disturbing comments. Thanks to Ryan O’ Neal, of PizzaGateGear, there is a video of his findings on where the kill room may be ( His original video has been deleted, but someone else was able to upload it in some way. Researchers have been unable to definitively determine or prove where it is located. This video goes into detail using work permits and public information of Alefantis’ ownership of the Pegasus museum.

In another Instagram post by Alefantis we see him comment “sex” in regards to a man who is a drag queen and into the theatre scene, called Mz Summercamp. The issue is that this man is covered in what appears to be fake or real blood on his stomach and below and hair, and that was the comment Alefantis made. Many other posts  from Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong and others associated with the pizzeria were archived at, however, the person who ran it became afraid and took it down. But, others have archived various posts so they can still be analyzed. For instance, Antinous was Alefantis’ profile picture. He was the boy lover of Emperor Hadrian ( There is this instagram of Christopher Boutilier’s and has a picture of a panda, which Alefantis hashtags #cumpanda ( Finally, this video ( has some pictures of interest from his social media. These are some that were up on before the site was taken down.

Another person, who goes by yeter yuplo on Youtube, interested in pizzagate went to Comet Ping Pong and was asked to leave by staff and then a DC policeman for recording while he ate. Afterwards he and his friend went two stores down, past Politics & Prose (see Wikileaks email when Podesta was asked if he was speaking at this bookstore again), to Besta Pizza. While there they found a very creepy, cryptic picture on their bulletin board. It had a ladder going up to a second story concrete type building with no door or windows in the front. It said something about going up and making your dreams come true. There was a curtain or fabric of some sort flowing out of the window. There was also an address located on the bulletin board. Here is part 1 of the video, and it may be in part 2 ( where the picture is seen at Besta.

As of now, the reddit thread r/pizzagate has been taken down. This is nothing new, and those who are distressed or disgusted or dauntless will not be stopped by bots- real or fake.


PizzaGate Continued: Part 1, James Alefantis & Comet Ping Pong

Once upon a time when Commissioners Frank Winstead and Karen Lee Perry were trying to keep Comet Ping Pong from having their proposal to continuously stay open later than 12 am and have more late night heavy bands, Commissioner Frank made what some might say was a prophetic statement. Alefantis, he said, was “‘trying to turn this area into Adams Morgan with the murders and rapes…(and) filling up his fat wallet.’” (see Small Victory for Comet Ping Pong at ANC Meeting, 2008, Jun 18). Of course, PizzaGate was not what Winstead was referring to. He had done research, including recording two people playing ping pong outside the restaurant, and was showing how it could be dangerous with busy traffic going by (Ping Pong in Public Space, Frank Winstead, YouTube, 2007, May 26). In his video others have noted a little girl screaming from what appears to be inside the restaurant. She can be heard screaming, “Dad!” at one point, several times. However, his research was aimed at showing the danger and liability of having a ping pong ball go into traffic. He also referred to the rape and murder statement because of the late-night hours and bands that Comet would bring in. Perry brought up the band Apes, which they show on YouTube as a very heavy metal band, and would be violating a noise ordinance by continuing to have these bands play at Comet (Apes-live-April 10 2004-Black Cat-Washington Dc, ApesDC, 2013, May 18).


The band, Apes, is also known as Heavy Breathing. Amanda Kleinman is a woman who appears to be a woman acting as a gay man with a hat over her face and sunglasses, her signature dress. In the video entitled, “Inside “Comet Ping Pong” for a Pizza Party w “Heavy Breathing””, the lead singer makes strange references to a pizza called the ‘hottie’ and the sauce is made of ketchup packets according to her (Published 2016, December 14). Some say this is reference to a sexual act. There appears to be quite a few young people in the audience, some of which look like teens or younger. Kleinman references Sasha Lord in the last half of this video on YouTube as someone who has helped her a lot and, presumably as a joke, agreed to have her baby, but killed the baby; “euthanasia” when the child was born because it had an umbilical cord wrapped around her/his head. This ‘joke’ falls flat as does most of what Kleinman says with her eerie heavy voice. According to a video by GW Hatchet Video, entitled Sasha Lord, she describes her work with the girl scouts and young women, and her work in getting shows for Comet Ping Pong (Published 2015, April 15).


In a very good article on Steemit entitled, A Guided Tour of Comet Pizza with James Alefantis (, the artwork that was formerly up at Comet is archived from various websites since before PizzaGate was a news item. By the ping pong tables there is a mural of people holding human heads. This is seen in another photo from Yelp while children sit at the foozball tables and play ping pong. There are other photos as well, some verified to be from Comet Ping Pong, some not. Describing a photo that was listed, but not seen now, is Christopher Lynch, owner of the now closed L’Enfant Café & Bar, which was closed for sanitary reasons. The interesting part of this is that the photo was posted by Jimmy Comet, aka, James Alefantis, and some believe that his name is a euphuism that mean lover of babies or children in French, and that in fact he is not an Alefantis but a Rothschild or related to them. Lynch is wearing a t-shirt that says J’L’fantis (?), with a heart after the ‘J’.  Alefantis is a very uncommon name, and in searching the there are only 3 that come up in the SSDI. Helen and Louis Alefantis of New York birth and death records are 1921- 2007 and 1915- 2001, respectively. The other from Europe with a life span between 1896-1969.

The link between the Rothschilds and Alefantis was discovered by Internet researchers. In a reddit submission, debeauvoir21, shares their tremendous research into the address of Alefantis’ voter registrations, in which he has multiple voter ids, but one of the addresses for him belonging to some Rothschilds.

Next, we come to the art place known as Strand on Volta, which according to the Luxury Homes: May 2007 by Mary Clare Glover, Alefantis co-owned, along with Buck’s Fishing & Camping ( The Washington Post published an article on their website entitled, Illicit Encounters at Strand on Volta, and the author Michael O’Sullivan, wrote in 2005 that he didn’t know if he “should…be watching this, or reporting it?” ( There was a photograph the exhibitor Craig Doty took of shirtless young men entitled, “Milk Chuggers”. It is seen as “homoerotic” and “cult-like” because of the way they are sitting in formation according to O’Sullivan. In addition, there seems to have been a trend of mixing sex with violence in Doty’s exhibit.


To Be continued…

Pizzgate: Fair Look

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Events & Content Surrounding PizzaGate

Amendment I of the Constitution, “congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom…of the press.” (The Declaration, 33).

“When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.” (Edmund Burke, 1770)

“But these oppressors know nothing; they are so ignorant! They wander about in darkness, while the whole world is shaken to the core. I say, ‘You are gods; you are all children of the Most High. But you will die like mere mortals and fall like every other ruler.’”” (Psalms 82:5-7, NLT)


Last year the public became aware of various scandalous and potentially salacious behaviors, through the release of emails from the DNC and John Podesta and unclassified emails from Hillary Clinton; these were released through the site known as WikiLeaks and from the State Department, respectively. The validity of the emails has never or rarely been the subject of the controversy, and some emails have been authenticated. An attempt will be made to provide proper evidence gathered by other researchers and from mainstream media at the time of the events and after. This in no way will be comprehensive, because to do so would be to take on a great task which needs the collaboration of many. The hope is that this will be a fair presentation of those who believe serious corruption and abuse of children has occurred in powerful political circles, and to push for public support of an investigation into those who engage in and providers of child and adult sex and drug trafficking, particularly within the political and intelligence world and how it influences policies.


Before any hacked emails were released, a breach was reported by the DNC in April 2016, and they hired CrowdStrike to look into whom the perpetuators were (Nakashima). According to the information gathered from CrowdStrike, the threat was deemed to be coming from Russian hackers; and as CrowdStrike’s President, Shawn Henry, noted, hacking is a way of getting more info from a foreign adversary (Nakashima). However, no credible evidence has yet come forth from any investigations into Russia hacking the emails.

In between this time and the subsequent release of the DNC emails on the 22nd, Seth Rich, a DNC staffer, was murdered on July 10, 2016 near his apartment. His father, as reported by the Washington Post, believed his son was murdered as he tried to resist a robbery gone wrong (Herman and Williams). The murder of Seth Rich is suspicious to some who have been following the PizzaGate scandal as well as the release of emails from the DNC. Three months after his death the Profiling Project, consisting of students of forensic psychology published a report saying the murder was not some random robbery gone wrong, but done by a hired killer or serial killer (Kutner). A program run of Fox News had Wheeler, a former investigator into the Rich murder, say that he believed along with an unidentified federal investigator that Rich had released many emails from the DNC to Guy MacFayden, however  Wheeler took almost his whole statement back several days later (Kutner). The article by Malia Zimmerman of Fox news has since been taken down, but a small section of it remained on Brietbart with the link now showing a 404 error (Breitbart News).  Guy MacFayden died of lung cancer on October 22, 2016 and was the founder of the Center for Investigative Journalism and had many personal and professional ties to Julian Assange (Roberts).

Next, was the release of DNC emails on July 22, and among the emails were “discussions of Clinton’s chief rival for the presidential nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.); details of perks provided to party donors attending the convention; and email exchanges between party officials, journalists and others.” (Hamburger and Tumulty). Evidence came to light of an active sabotage of Sanders’ bid for party nomination, as well as promoting disorder around Trump rallies in a practice known as bird dogging. Then came the release of Podesta’s emails, on October 7, within one hour of Access Hollywood’s video of Trump bragging on how he could get women (Sharockman).  According to an article titled Dissecting the PizzaGate Theories, Podesta’s emails were reviewed by certain Reddit users (Aisch, Huang and Kang). They go on to mention the emails that started the conspiracy, that code words were being used, and that these code words implied pedophilia to some in the Reddit group and other sites devoted to researching the leaks. A WikiLeaks document from the FBI reveals that symbols are used by pedophiles to indicate child sexual preferences.

Some of the mainstream press on WikiLeaks has attempted to highlight what are the most revealing of emails, in their opinion. In the article from the BBC entitled, 18 revelations from Wikileaks’ hacked Clinton emails, Clinton aide Abedin, criticized her employer’s role in a ‘quid pro quo’ with the King of Morocco in exchange for a 12 M donation. USA Today published an article by Collins, which shows four of the emails from Podesta, one of them being on feeding questions to Clinton before a presidential debate.  In the emails, we see press agents showing previews of their work to be approved by political leaders and associates. There is ample evidence to show that the media was doing more than simply warming up to Clinton and others in the DNC party; however, a story from the Politico paints a more cynical look into journalism in DC, seeming to give it the okay, but just short of an endorsement (Shafer, J). Mr. Shafer states the problem lies in the power dynamic: “The primary reason Washington operators can dictate the terms of engagement with Washington journalists is that the true insiders are few and the journalists are many.”

Although Comey had made an announcement in July that Clinton’s private server was reckless, he did not believe prosecuting was warranted (Collinson and Kopan), some new evidence later came to light on. Comey announced on October 28, 2016, the FBI was once again investigating Hillary as they “had discovered e-mails that were potentially relevant to the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private server.”(Mayer). The source of these extra emails came from the FBI and several law enforcement agencies looking through Weiner’s laptop and phone due to the discovery of an online relationship with a teen in North Caroline in September (Short). There was also a photo in August that was discovered showed a snap with his private parts showing under his pants, while his sleeping son lie close enough to be in the picture, which warranted a standard investigation by CPS (AP). Some emails from Clinton deemed unclassified have been released by the State Department and have been used to show relationships in the PizzaGate theory.

Regarding the leaks it has been widely disseminated that it was Russian hackers who leaked them to WikiLeaks, but there is another opinion on the DNC leaks: that they were an inside job. In an article published by The Nation, and given a large introduction by the editor, the author Lawrence explains how VIPS (Veterans Intelligence for Professional Sanity), conducted their own assimilation of data with use of two insiders, and had Skip Follen, former IT exec for IBM, to help with the investigation. It is alarming how much the major intelligence agencies in the US neither gave, and even implied, they had no solid evidence of Russian hacking into the emails (Lawrence). The article states that (as of the date of publication of article) the FBI had not looked into the DNC’s servers, which would mean the private company CrowdStrike has had more information allowed to them then the FBI. This, along with data collected by the VIPS, has led to some speculating that only an inside job could explain the release of emails in the manner in which they were released.

The North Carolina gunman who stormed Comet Ping pong on December 4, 2016, looking for evidence of PizzaGate (Siddiqui and Svruluga), is actually an actor who has worked on various movies. If he was paid to be a crisis actor as the possibility is discussed in the essay, Debunking the New York Times’ Debunking of Pizzagate, then the question would be who paid him and why? (sonofsatire). His IMDB page shows a list of movies he has helped with (IMDb).

Some Emails of Note:

(Highlights added, not in original)


Last night was fun To:, Date: 2014-01-31 19:17 Subject: Last night was fun

Still in torture chamber Another question. Do you two wanna have feb 14 valentines day dinner Sent from my iPad

Release by WikiLeaks: November 7, 2016.

Tony Podesta’s email is

  1. To: CC: Date: 2014-09-02 17:54 Subject: Did you leave a handkerchief

Hi John, The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yorus? They can send it if you want. I know you’re busy, so feel free not to respond if it’s not yours or you don’t want it. Susaner From: Kathryn Tate [] Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2014 10:04 AM To: Sandler, Susan Cc: Sandler, Herbert Subject: You left something at the Field house Susan & Herb I just came from checking the Field house and I have a square cloth handkerchief (white w/ black) that was left on the kitchen island. Happy to send it via the mail if you let me know where I should send it. I also meant to inquire yesterday about the pillows you purchased. I can send them as well, if you let me know where they are in the house. Safe travels to all Kate


*From:* Trudy Vincent [] >> *Sent:* Thursday, October 08, 2015 11:45 AM >> *To:* Tamera Luzzatto >> *Cc:* Jon Haber-work; Bonnie Levin-work; Liz Savage; Katherine Klein; >> John Gomperts;; Luke Albee; Beth Donovan; Tom >> Rosenstiel-personal; Marcus, Ruth (; Jon >> Leibowitz-work; Rima Sirota; John Podesta; David Leiter; Laurie >> Rubiner-work; Chris Spanos >> *Subject:* Re: Farmers L Update and Welcome Mat >> >> >> >> we’re in, thanks for the invite. >> >> >> >> On Thu, Oct 8, 2015 at 9:26 AM, Tamera Luzzatto <> >> wrote: >> >> With enormous gratitude to Advance Man Extraordinaire Haber, I am popping >> up again to share our excitement about the Reprise of Our Gang’s visit to >> the farm in Lovettsville. And I thought I’d share a couple more notes: >> We plan to heat the pool, so a swim is a possibility. Bonnie will be >> Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and >> almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in >> that pool for sure. And with the forecast showing prospects of some sun, >> and a cooler temp of lower 60s, I suggest you bring sweaters of whatever >> attire will enable us to use our outdoor table with a pergola overhead so >> we dine al fresco (and ideally not al-CHILLo). >> >> >> >> I am ccing Trudy to repeat the invite, and sending pining >> wishes-you-could-come to Rima, John P, and Laurie & Chris. >> >> >> >> Con amore, Mrs. Farmer L >> >> >> >> Tamera Luzzatto >> >> Senior Vice President, Government Relations >> >> The Pew Charitable Trusts | 901 E Street, N.W. | Washington, DC >> 20004-1409

  1. **

From: Cheryl Mills To: Hillary Clinton Date: 2009-06-03 06:24 Subject: DYNCORPS POST STORY — SECOND SHOE TO DROP

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05761691 Date: 06/30/2015 RELEASE IN FULL From: Mills, Cheryl D <> Sent: Thursday, June 04, 2009 1:24 PM To: Subject: FW: Dyncorps Post Story — Second Shoe To Drop Attachments: Dyncorps Sec Note.doc; Kabul Memo Washington Post 5 June.docx FYI From: Johnson, David T Sent: Thursday, June 04, 2009 11:37 AM To: Campbell, Piper A; Wood, Robert A (PACE); Crocker, Bathsheba N Cc: Crowley, Philip J; Hammer, Michael A; Byrnes, Robert S; Pittman, Susan R (INL); Sullivan, John C (INL/PC); McGlynn, William J; Macmanus, Joseph E; Kennedy, Patrick F; Matano, Albert K; Jones, Paul W; Russell, Daniel A; Polt, Michael C Subject: Dyncorps Post Story — Second Shoe To Drop Folks, You may recall an April 17 Post story on problems with Dyncorps in Afghanistan which focused on a suspected drug overdose death, breakdown in internal controls within the company, and actions the USG and the firm were taking. The other issue that surfaced at the time was a colossal error in judgment by one of the contractors’ employees in hiring an adolescent boy dancer for some sort of event that, at least to most folks, looked very inappropriate. The Post is now looking at the dancing boy, which was not included in the April 17, article, and we expect will soon publish a story on it. The Post inquiry at this point focuses only on confirming whether or not there’s an OIG investigation. We are, of course, referring the Post to the OIG on such a question. However, the premise for the question raises the issue again in some eye-popping rhetoric which could feature in the follow-up story, so I wanted to make sure everyone had a heads-up. We have already relieved the folks involved with both incidents and I am meeting with the firm’s CEO today to hear his report on his trip to Afghanistan and Iraq to address these, as well as other, issues on which we have demanded corrective actions. I’m attaching the original note to Deputy Secretary Lew at the time of the original inquiry which lays out both issues, a copy of the memo the INL section at Embassy Kabul provided to Post Management on the most recent Post inquiry, as well as the Post inquiry itself for context. David. Incoming from Post: “According to my reporting, the week of April 13th, the DynCorp regional commander from Konduz, Flint Chambers, allowed his men to hire a 15-year-old boy dancer to do tribal dances at a DynCorp party on the training site. Some 15 or so DynCorp employees in attendance pulled out a single chair and had the boy do mock lap dances. This was captured on video. The video shows DynCorp employees putting dollar bills in the boy’s waistband, just as they would a stripper’s garter. The revelry lasted about 45 minutes. 74 UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05761691 Date: 06/30/2015 No sex took place. The video was leaked to Kabul INL program manager, Marissa Martin. INL Washington ordered INL Kabul to replace the entire DynCorp chain of commaand. The video was leaked by Mike Gonzalez to another DynCorp employee who emailed the video to Martin. Flint Chambers retaliated against Mike by spitting in his face, pushing him to the ground in front of the DynCorp security building in Kabul. Chambers was fired, along with Dean Deines, Stan Knee and David Kelly. Can you confirm that the IG is looking into this? (in addition to the Kurt Schafer incident) Thank you, Ellen Nakashima The Washington Post” From: Nash, Ardenia R (INL/FO) Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2009 5:56 PM To: Johnson, David T Subject: FINAL version – Note to Lew – Dyncorp «Dyncorps Sec Note.doc>> «Kabul Memo Washington Post 5 June.docx>> 25

**Although this does not seem to be part of Pizzagate, the fact is that this citizen type investigation covers all forms of corruption with special focus on the use of children in degrading and worse ways. For information on the type of dancer this boy was go to: otherwise known as Buzkashi boys.**

  1. To: Date: 2015-06-28 01:48 Subject: Fwd: Dinner

Are you in NYC Thursday July 9 Marina wants you to come to dinner Mary? Sent from my iPhone Begin forwarded message: From: Marina Abramovic <<>> Date: June 28, 2015 at 2:35:08 AM GMT+2 To: Tony Podesta <<>> Subject: Dinner Dear Tony, I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place. Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joining? All my love, Marina — ABRAMOVIC LLC


*MEMORANDUM FOR JOHN PODESTA* Date: October 6, 2015 Time: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm Location: The Home of Tony Podesta 2438 Belmont Rd., NW Washington, DC From: Angelique Cannon, Mid-Atlantic Deputy National Finance Director David Reid, Washington, DC and PAC Finance Director RE: Fratelli Podesta *I. PURPOSE * YOU are attending a fundraising event in support of Hillary for America that YOUR brother Tony Podesta is spearheading. The purpose of the event is to raise money from Tony’s network and engage a different set of supporters involved in the Washington, DC metro area food scene. *II. PARTICIPANTS* · YOU · Tony Podesta · James Alefantis, Owner, Buck’s Fishing & Camping; Comet Ping Pong · Amy Brandwein, Owner, Chef AmyB Consulting; Centrolina · Massimo Fabbri, Executive Chef & Co-Owner, Posto; Tosca · Dorothy McAuliffe, First Lady, Commonwealth of Virginia · Approximately 90 attendees *III. SEQUENCE OF EVENTS* 6:30 pm Guests arrive/mix and mingle, YOU proceed to the Gallery for the Chef Circle Pre-Reception with Tony, special guest chefs and Chef Circle contributors 6:45pm YOU move to kitchen and Tony welcomes guests to his home and introduces the chefs and YOU 6:50pm YOU deliver brief remarks and open for questions from guests 7:15pm Tony calls last question 7:20pm Tony thanks guests and closes the program 7:45pm Program concludes – mix/mingle 8:30pm Event concludes – YOU and guests depart *IV. PRESS PLAN* This event is CLOSED PRESS. *V. BACKGROUND* *Attire*: Business Tony was very interested in hosting a cooking fundraising event similar to the event we hosted in June with Chef Nora Pouillon and recruited a few area Chefs to participate. James Alefantis, Amy Brandwein and Massimo Fabbri are personal friends.

  1. To:, CC:, Date: 2016-03-12 19:41 Subject: Re: From time to time I get the questions in advance

Hi. Yes, it is one she gets asked about. Not everyone likes her answer but can share it. Betsaida – can you send her answer on death penalty? Sent from my iPhone On Mar 12, 2016, at 4:39 PM, Donna Brazile <> wrote: Here’s one that worries me about HRC. DEATH PENALTY 19 states and the District of Columbia have banned the death penalty. 31 states, including Ohio, still have the death penalty. According to the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, since 1973, 156 people have been on death row and later set free. Since 1976, 1,414 people have been executed in the U.S. That’s 11% of Americans who were sentenced to die, but later exonerated and freed. Should Ohio and the 30 other states join the current list and abolish the death penalty? Sent from Donna’s I Pad. Follow me on twitter @donnabrazile

Curators and Researchers

There are two important websites that have listed all revealing and damaging emails and documents: and was a site which had gathered useful social media information from the major players surrounding this theory. Unfortunately, the person who ran this website has taken it down as they were experiencing strange coincidences and started fearing for their lives. However, there are still those who have curated some of the information that was found on this site. The twitter devoted to PizzaGate has had their account suspended.

Please look into these sites before you conclude with the totality of the mainstream media and that this is a ‘debunked theory’. It is a theory that has not been fully tested, and therefore cannot fully be denied or accepted. Investigations are often conducted in part based on public interest, as it is supposed to also be the public they are doing their civil duties for. With more good people who condone slavery of all kinds, this issue will not go away until it is exhaustively investigated by the proper authorities.

People of Note

Marina Abramovic

(continued for next post)

Hillary and Bill Clinton

James Alefantis

Tony Podesta

John Podesta

Seth Rich

Since Marina Abramovic is in the emails between Tony Podesta, and forwarded to John and Mary Podesta, and also evidenced in unclassified State Department documents from Hillary Clinton’s email as someone she has been around (10. “Spirit Cooking”, Most Damaging WikiLeaks), it is important to discover who she is. Even though in an article by the Huffington Post they dismissed this “performance art” as merely art and nothing to do with Satanism (Trump Supporters Hilariously Mistake Famous Artist for ‘Spooky Occult’ Leader, Frank), the images from her ‘art’ involve bodily fluids, presumably faux fluids, being put together. She is described as a performance artist who makes no art apart from displaying herself and others as art themselves. In Mark Vallen’s webpage he wrote a piece called, Sprit Cooking with Marina Abramovic: The First cut is the Deepest, he called John Podesta one of her biggest supporters, but pointed out he did not in fact attend the spirit cooking dinner from the email in question. Even though Vallen criticizes her work, he also criticizes those who believe her work is Satanic, calling the fundraiser, where a graphic cake of a naked human woman was made and macabrely cut with sharp knives and served by shirtless young men, for celebrities and rich donors, “good clean innocent fun.” The video clip of this event is imbedded in this article.  Marina Abramovic is seen on this site with a woman who appears to be pretending to be dead and also faux menstruating for some sort of event, while Marina and Lady GaGa and other gather around, some with spoons in their mouths showing they have eaten from this ‘display’ (Lady GaGA no makeup).

(I will post more, this is obviously not finished, but am publishing what I have completed thus far).

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First blog post

I am going to post what I hope will be verifiable information and based on that, speculation and theories surrounding the evil going on around the world by various powerful people.

Repentance is what I wish for everyone! Even the most treacherous. But, some have long since left their conscience behind in exchange for all the power in the world. Power is an illusion. It is what some may crave, but in the end it is all “dust to dust, ashes to ashes”. There is only one who will have the final say and it is the Savior of the world who alone has been granted the real power. And yet, He is love, wishing that “none should perish, but have everlasting life.” Shalom.