Jeff Koons: Perversion Art & Ties to Clintons & Missing Children & Haiti

In this article,, by the Hyperallergic website about museum guards there was a photograph of what appears to be a young girl and an adult male in a sexual position.It is very graphic and pornographic in nature. This was done in 1989 as part of a “Made in Heaven” exhibit with an Italian porn star who later became his wife ( Although this was assumed to be his wife, the proportions of the young girl in question do not  appear to be that of an adult female or the Italian porn star he asked to do this with, but this is not confirmed. Alefantis’ post on his Instagram that contains this photograph from the museum is below. (Has been edited to remove the pornographic part.)




As an aside it also can be seen here that “mr_scott_cummings” uses German to say he is pleased or it pleases me, depending on which translation is correct ( for the two children that are in a lot of James Alefantis’ posts, as he says he is the godfather of at least one of them, that goes by #caris and sometimes #carisjames for perhaps when he takes her places. She is seen with Euro dollars that she has put in her mouth as when the picture was taken she was between 1 and 2 years old. Alefantis says the money is hers. The account to is now private but contained images that involved interactions with teens and photos of children that looked highly inappropriate.


Identified as Scott Cummings. According to some researchers at voat (, they were able to find this interview with him which bears some resemblance to the above picture, but much younger. His favorite day is April 25, which is the picture he commented on of the girl in the yellow dress, and is Alice Day. Use your imagination for that one.





Koons is heavily involved with the Clintons, in fact she gave him a medal for international exchange for the arts ( and he also endorsed her for president because he said she would do more for the art world. According to the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, Jeff Koons and his Koons Family Institute is heavily involved in this organization. In part this was due to his ex-wife, whom he posed with for his sexual art in 1989, taking their son and never finding him again. This is the official website for this organization:

Because of Laura Silsby being caught, it came out that the Clintons had deep ties to her and her organization that tried to traffick children out of Haiti, and was finally able to be charged the second time. This was about the New Life Children’s Refuge, and later a student named Monica Petersen was ‘suicided’ while investigating the role of the Clinton foundation as part of her research for her thesis (here is some testimony she gave while a research fellow at the Human Trafficking Center:$FILE/15SenJud0128AttachE.pdf).  A very interesting statement made in the Wall Street Journal report on this matter states that “Steve McMullen, a longtime friend of the Sander family in Idaho, said he spoke by phone to Ms. Silsby while she was in the Dominican Republic, and that during the call she said she was in a government office registering the names of the children her group was intending to bring back into the country from Haiti.” ( And goes on to discuss how trafficking children in Haiti is something that has been and continues to be an on-going problem.

Laura Silsby is now married and goes by the name Laura Gayler. Interestingly enough she worked for a company called Alert Sense, who help with Amber Alert system ( Perhaps because of the reporting on this the website shows her no longer as VP of marketing (




Comet Ping Pong Art: Arrington de Dionyso

The controversy surrounding Arrington de Dionyso came about when some Reddit and 4 chan users found an old image of his mural from 2010 that he had painted at Comet Ping Pong.



According to an interview with Arrington on 42 minutes at Sync Book (, he asked to paint the mural the day before his band played the next day. He was given a ‘token’ amount of money and the paint to use. He explained to Douglas Bolles that Pizzagate came from trolls on Reddit and 4chan who looked through Podesta’s emails. According to his explanation some people in the Democratic party were careless with their email passwords and clicked on what was a phishing scam.

Although only having been there two times, he was able to confirm that there is no basement, despite Alefantis saying that is where they store their produce. However it is possible Alefantis was referring to his other restaurant, Buck’s Fishing and Camping nearby. He goes on to say it is fine dining pizza restaurant with all ages concerts, and this is confirmed by how Comet Pizza has always advertised their concerts. Also, he says that the concert part is a separate venue, but that you have to go through the restaurant to get to it.

In 2011, one year later, the restaurant had to paint over his mural because three ping-pong tables are moved out during the day, and all the balls hitting the wall eventually chipped away the paint. Since this was the first time he had painted a mural, he credited the “magical experience” with changing his art in making a painting of that size for the first time.

He explained that this art, to him, was fairly “innocuous” and that it had nothing to do with Satanism. Art, he said, is ambiguous and open to interpretation, although he never explained what the mural was actually supposed to be to him, except to say that he had painted a mythological landscape. In looking at his other art, it is highly sexual and he even admits to viewing sex as a way to open ones eyes and learn more about the universe, but that he only paints “consenting adults”.



In his band camp page (  it appears that almost all of his art is sexual in nature and that he does indeed view sexual orgies and experiences as a way of life in some type of new age way. Although he says he never depicts children, it does appear that the following image could be construed as two children’s heads being exchanged over a decapitated body and right below the neck appears to possibly be a drawing of a private part of a woman’s body.



Interestingly enough, he labels this as more of an alt-right and neo-nazi type of witch hunt reminiscent of McCarthyism. This is because he perused sites where internet users were asking others to look for all age type concert venues, “safe places” he calls them, where nefarious activities may be going on according to them. However, he believes that Comet Pizza is not one of these “warehouse” type locations where illegal activities may be going on. He is very supportive of all ages venues as he benefited from going to actual art museums as a child, and here is his tweet announcing this concert as all ages:


Many of his concerts are announced as all ages according to his twitter account (


More photos of him and one with a couple young people making masks in a sketchy basement or some such room like that.

#Killroom #JimmyComet


She was practiced at the art of deception.  Well I could tell by her blood stained hands.

-You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Rolling Stones.

These lyrics are always standing out at what some do to get and keep their guilt unknown and power unabashed.

One of the most disturbing posts from James Alefantis, AKA Jimmy Comet, on his Instagram is the kill room post he made and all the disturbing comments. Thanks to Ryan O’ Neal, of PizzaGateGear, there is a video of his findings on where the kill room may be ( His original video has been deleted, but someone else was able to upload it in some way. Researchers have been unable to definitively determine or prove where it is located. This video goes into detail using work permits and public information of Alefantis’ ownership of the Pegasus museum.

In another Instagram post by Alefantis we see him comment “sex” in regards to a man who is a drag queen and into the theatre scene, called Mz Summercamp. The issue is that this man is covered in what appears to be fake or real blood on his stomach and below and hair, and that was the comment Alefantis made. Many other posts  from Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong and others associated with the pizzeria were archived at, however, the person who ran it became afraid and took it down. But, others have archived various posts so they can still be analyzed. For instance, Antinous was Alefantis’ profile picture. He was the boy lover of Emperor Hadrian ( There is this instagram of Christopher Boutilier’s and has a picture of a panda, which Alefantis hashtags #cumpanda ( Finally, this video ( has some pictures of interest from his social media. These are some that were up on before the site was taken down.

Another person, who goes by yeter yuplo on Youtube, interested in pizzagate went to Comet Ping Pong and was asked to leave by staff and then a DC policeman for recording while he ate. Afterwards he and his friend went two stores down, past Politics & Prose (see Wikileaks email when Podesta was asked if he was speaking at this bookstore again), to Besta Pizza. While there they found a very creepy, cryptic picture on their bulletin board. It had a ladder going up to a second story concrete type building with no door or windows in the front. It said something about going up and making your dreams come true. There was a curtain or fabric of some sort flowing out of the window. There was also an address located on the bulletin board. Here is part 1 of the video, and it may be in part 2 ( where the picture is seen at Besta.

As of now, the reddit thread r/pizzagate has been taken down. This is nothing new, and those who are distressed or disgusted or dauntless will not be stopped by bots- real or fake.


PizzaGate Continued: Part 1, James Alefantis & Comet Ping Pong

Once upon a time when Commissioners Frank Winstead and Karen Lee Perry were trying to keep Comet Ping Pong from having their proposal to continuously stay open later than 12 am and have more late night heavy bands, Commissioner Frank made what some might say was a prophetic statement. Alefantis, he said, was “‘trying to turn this area into Adams Morgan with the murders and rapes…(and) filling up his fat wallet.’” (see Small Victory for Comet Ping Pong at ANC Meeting, 2008, Jun 18). Of course, PizzaGate was not what Winstead was referring to. He had done research, including recording two people playing ping pong outside the restaurant, and was showing how it could be dangerous with busy traffic going by (Ping Pong in Public Space, Frank Winstead, YouTube, 2007, May 26). In his video others have noted a little girl screaming from what appears to be inside the restaurant. She can be heard screaming, “Dad!” at one point, several times. However, his research was aimed at showing the danger and liability of having a ping pong ball go into traffic. He also referred to the rape and murder statement because of the late-night hours and bands that Comet would bring in. Perry brought up the band Apes, which they show on YouTube as a very heavy metal band, and would be violating a noise ordinance by continuing to have these bands play at Comet (Apes-live-April 10 2004-Black Cat-Washington Dc, ApesDC, 2013, May 18).


The band, Apes, is also known as Heavy Breathing. Amanda Kleinman is a woman who appears to be a woman acting as a gay man with a hat over her face and sunglasses, her signature dress. In the video entitled, “Inside “Comet Ping Pong” for a Pizza Party w “Heavy Breathing””, the lead singer makes strange references to a pizza called the ‘hottie’ and the sauce is made of ketchup packets according to her (Published 2016, December 14). Some say this is reference to a sexual act. There appears to be quite a few young people in the audience, some of which look like teens or younger. Kleinman references Sasha Lord in the last half of this video on YouTube as someone who has helped her a lot and, presumably as a joke, agreed to have her baby, but killed the baby; “euthanasia” when the child was born because it had an umbilical cord wrapped around her/his head. This ‘joke’ falls flat as does most of what Kleinman says with her eerie heavy voice. According to a video by GW Hatchet Video, entitled Sasha Lord, she describes her work with the girl scouts and young women, and her work in getting shows for Comet Ping Pong (Published 2015, April 15).


In a very good article on Steemit entitled, A Guided Tour of Comet Pizza with James Alefantis (, the artwork that was formerly up at Comet is archived from various websites since before PizzaGate was a news item. By the ping pong tables there is a mural of people holding human heads. This is seen in another photo from Yelp while children sit at the foozball tables and play ping pong. There are other photos as well, some verified to be from Comet Ping Pong, some not. Describing a photo that was listed, but not seen now, is Christopher Lynch, owner of the now closed L’Enfant Café & Bar, which was closed for sanitary reasons. The interesting part of this is that the photo was posted by Jimmy Comet, aka, James Alefantis, and some believe that his name is a euphuism that mean lover of babies or children in French, and that in fact he is not an Alefantis but a Rothschild or related to them. Lynch is wearing a t-shirt that says J’L’fantis (?), with a heart after the ‘J’.  Alefantis is a very uncommon name, and in searching the there are only 3 that come up in the SSDI. Helen and Louis Alefantis of New York birth and death records are 1921- 2007 and 1915- 2001, respectively. The other from Europe with a life span between 1896-1969.

The link between the Rothschilds and Alefantis was discovered by Internet researchers. In a reddit submission, debeauvoir21, shares their tremendous research into the address of Alefantis’ voter registrations, in which he has multiple voter ids, but one of the addresses for him belonging to some Rothschilds.

Next, we come to the art place known as Strand on Volta, which according to the Luxury Homes: May 2007 by Mary Clare Glover, Alefantis co-owned, along with Buck’s Fishing & Camping ( The Washington Post published an article on their website entitled, Illicit Encounters at Strand on Volta, and the author Michael O’Sullivan, wrote in 2005 that he didn’t know if he “should…be watching this, or reporting it?” ( There was a photograph the exhibitor Craig Doty took of shirtless young men entitled, “Milk Chuggers”. It is seen as “homoerotic” and “cult-like” because of the way they are sitting in formation according to O’Sullivan. In addition, there seems to have been a trend of mixing sex with violence in Doty’s exhibit.


To Be continued…

First blog post

I am going to post what I hope will be verifiable information and based on that, speculation and theories surrounding the evil going on around the world by various powerful people.

Repentance is what I wish for everyone! Even the most treacherous. But, some have long since left their conscience behind in exchange for all the power in the world. Power is an illusion. It is what some may crave, but in the end it is all “dust to dust, ashes to ashes”. There is only one who will have the final say and it is the Savior of the world who alone has been granted the real power. And yet, He is love, wishing that “none should perish, but have everlasting life.” Shalom.