Comet Ping Pong Post Analysis, Maggie Nixon, Barbara Bush & NXIUM, Brooklyn Pizza, & Avicci- Update: Include Richard Branson

In perusing the few remaining posts left on Comet Ping Pong’s twitter, there is a post for an “all ages” invite to a Halloween gathering. The hashtag that is the main title is “#Mask4Mask”( . According to an Amazon listing for a t-shirt that has the self-same title, Mask4Mask is about gay men embracing a life as a dog and who have “owners”( This is an article on this strange fetish behavior ( This is concerning since this type of degenerate behavior would be proudly displayed to any age child attending this gathering. With the interest in a young girl named Maggie Nixon with whom Barack Obama took a picture before his Senate inauguration, someone who commented on that picture appears to enjoy being an “owner” to a young boy or girl or very small person. It is impossible to tell based on the picture as the small person is dressed completely as a dog.  In this subculture of rich and powerful people, there seems to be a longing for some way to pass the time, and instead of turning toward altruistic or spiritual pursuits, they seem to gravitate toward the “spirit-cooking” path with the likes of Marina Abramovic.

THIS SATURDAY! Comet <3’s Halloween!!

 Maggie Nixon has not yet been identified recently as to her whereabouts ( The next that is seen of her is her part in a documentary about marine life ( at one of her facebook pages, she hasn’t posted in it in several years by all appearance. Her father, while pushing the documentary, has only one picture of her that is from the back and the same one she used for her feature photo years ago as well. Sadly, the girl she is in the cover photo with died 4 years ago according to a comment on the post by someone who says she is that girl’s aunt. The Instagram photo that has been widely shared as a throw back with her and Obama, has a commenter on the side, who is also friends with James Alefantis on Facebook. These people seem to mainly be living in DC as well. Someone had shared a picture of the girl who was bit by the Obamas’ dog, although she does not look like Maggie Nixon (

The “Q” posts seem to indicate that Maggie Nixon may have something to do with the NXIUM cult that has ties to the rich and powerful. According to a person on reddit, the recently passed away Barbara Bush was on their advisory board for children ( The interest their website talks about in regards to children is quite strange. They reject the parent-family relationship, in view of multiple caregivers who teach the children various things from birth ( This also seems to be a mode of operandi with the avant-garde type of ultra-rich or celebrities. James Alefantis was present for the birth of one of the children of the former actress in Xena, Warrior Princess, playing as Athena. Her step-mother-in-law is the notorious woman from the Wikileaks Podesta email scandals who let Podesta know her step-grandchildren would be there for his entertainment (see previous posts or google this for information and the picture of the family and Alefantis). Not only Alefantis, but Tamera Luzzatto as well,  is also friends with the same person who commented on Maggie Nixon and Obama’s picture together.

When Guadalupe White Sharks ( was released it was clearly seen that Maggie Nixon was affiliated with, not only the movie industry, but also Sylvia Earle ( Nixon’s parents frequently have posted support of #MissionBlue in their social media posts. In Sylvia Earle’s twitter account,, a media posting about Richard Branson shows that he too supports Mission Blue.  In this Virgin Mobile collaboration with Branson,, he is with Earle and others in something called Ocean Elders. There is also a video clip of various young people and himself to promote this. Ocean Elders website ( has Ted Turner, well-known globalist and population reductionist, as one of these “elders”.


Back to the issue of pizza parlors attracting and attenuating the ultra queer and satanic, mixed together. This may not be surprising considering the allowing of “fisting” during underground type gay performances in metro areas ( in looking up “fisting” this came up under the search fisting club in NYC, notice lots of kids and ping pong tables, staying open until midnight: This is considered a way of empowerment for those who have undergone abuse in their childhood, which seems to corroborate and underscore the higher incidence of child abuse associated with later homosexuality identity. This website was not perused, but the title is explanatory for anyone needing to understand what this is, although it is not necessary to this discourse: The pizza parlor in Brooklyn highlights a lot of satanic type art that is shared with the children as seen by offering child size t-shirts of ritual, satanic art work.



Sometimes celebrities find themselves in positions of danger based on their ability to be useful to globalist minded individuals who lack basic morality for the individual. The star who was known by his DJ name Avicci was found dead while in Oman recently. According to an anonymous poster who details nameless celebrities and their fiascos with law and various other drama, Avicci was actually murdered ( Although his nameless “family” was very quick to point to suicide before any non-third world or independent investigation or corners report was apparently made. Suicide by cutting the wrists with a broken glass from a bottle is a very violent way to kill oneself. It would seem the antithesis to who he was as an artist, and apparently an individual, according to his model girlfriend who said he was looking forward to having a family and was already a dad to her son from a previous relationship. He made a very poignant video about elite pedophilia a couple of years ago( Knowing how strongly he felt, it may not have been unusual for him to intervene in a situation that appeared to be a predator/young girl situation. Oman has recently had issues with girls as young as 15 being sold across their border with little they can or seemingly want to do about the situation.